Congratulations APP

There are a lot of significant moments in our lives. Every human has friends and relatives, and all of them are always pleased when we congratulate them with their holidays and feel disappointed when we forget to. With our app, you won’t lose any holiday at all. We integrated your calendars into our app so you can choose any holiday from it, find the best greeting card or even animated image and send it to your friend or relative by any social media or messenger that you have on your phone.

Congratulations on different languages

Using our app you can send a congratulation using not only English but many other different languages. You can find best web greeting cards and send them to your friends. In our app you can find:

congratulations in French

congratulations in Japanese

congratulations in German

congratulations in Korean

congratulations in Hawaiian

congratulations in Russian

congratulations in Portuguese

congratulations in Hebrew

congratulations in Arabic

congratulations in Spanish

congratulations in Chinese

congratulations in Greek

congratulations in Hindi

congratulations in Irish

congratulations in Polish

congratulations in Italian

Congratulations on the world and national holidays

Every country has its National holidays, most people celebrate it. So you must congratulate your loved ones. You can find all worldwide and national holidays in your calendar in our app, you can turn on the notifications and our app will remind you about every holiday, event, birthday or other celebration from your google calendars.

Congratulations for any reason

If you are waiting for a specific event, and you want to congratulate somebody with it – in our app, we have prepared for you congratulations on any reason such as:

graduation congratulations

congratulations on your promotion

engagement congratulations

wedding congratulations

congratulations for baby

congratulations on your new position

congratulations on the new job

congratulations on retirement

congratulations on the new home

funny congratulations

congratulations memes

hearty congratulations

animated congratulations

Online greeting cards

Also with our app, you can find a lot of greeting cards for any holiday. To make your search more comfortable we put the most popular of them into our list, so you can find them there. In our menu you can find:

  • free greeting cards
  • American greeting cards
  • Rosh Hashanah greeting cards
  • Muslim greeting cards
  • custom greeting cards
  • Ramadan greeting cards
  • birthday greeting cards
  • Christmas greeting cards
  • Easter greeting cards
  • etc.


Stay in touch with your friends

Congratulation is a very important part of our life. Whenever you get them you feel pleased.

Don't miss any holiday

Our app is made to make you sure that you won’t miss any holiday of your friends or relatives.

Share your greetings with your friends

Stay polite, give joy and smiles to your loved ones with your attention and congratulations.